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Lyn Hicks


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your ezine! You manage to balance such interesting articles with a wonderful sense of fun. Congratulations.


Jennifer Moore

Hi Elissa,

I second what Lyn has to say. (And kudos to you too, Lyn for getting the ezine going!!).

The Sydney to Southhampton by Ship - 1969 article brought back a lot of sea memories for me. I made five ocean voyages back and forth to Australia in the 1950s and 60s. As a young child exploring the huge P&O ocean liner I had many the adventures on board, not to mention eye-widening discoveries on land too. Athough England was to hold magical moments, my main memory is one of grey and being so delighted when a return to Australia was announced and colours returned to my life.

The final trip was as a seventeen year old girl and I remember dancing under the stars on board...leaving the ship in San Francisco was nearly as wrenching as sailing out of Sydney harbour and leaving Australia behind.

I was not to be on board an ocean liner again until the 80s when I went on a Caribbean cruise on a modelling assignment. There I teamed up with a Swedish model who had once been Miss Universe. Her father had been a sea captain and she had travelled with him as a child so we were both thrilled to be 'on board' a liner once more.

Well, I had better sign off for now. Thanks for bringing back some great memories.


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